Utility models

Utility models are granted for inventions that are new, inventive and that are commercially applicable. Utility models are not granted for discoveries, scientific theories, mathematical methods, aestethic creations, plans, rules and methods for mental acts, for games or for business activities, as well as software and the reproduction of information, for processes for surgical or therapeutic treatment of the human or animal body, and diagnostic methods which are carried out at the human body, nor for plant varieties or animal races, including micro organisms. A peculiarity is, however, that computer program logics can be protected by way of a utility model. Moreover, a so-called six-months grace period applies to new utility models. This means that inventors who made their invention public before application still have the opportunity within six months after this publication to obtain a legally valid utility model. The term of a utility model is 10 years. As a general rule the registration process takes 6 months.

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